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January 20th, 2019 Currently on the couch and I’ve been here since about 4:45 am. I hate sleeping on the couch, especially when my comfy bed is upstairs but I can’t sleep lying down thanks to vertigo. I’ve inserted a link for those who may not know what vertigo is. Oh, Vertigo! This morning, like […]

How to Survive Being the Wife of a Coach

What it’s like? Being the soon-to-be wife of a basketball coach has been interesting, to say the least. I never thought it would be as hard as it has been. When Rob & I first started dating, we were in a long distance relationship. With us being in a long distance relationship, I didn’t realize […]

The Start of SincerelyChanel

The Start I guess I can start with a little introduction of who I am & what made me want to randomly start a blog. My name is Amanda, but I like to use my middle name, Chanel. I was born & raised in The Bronx, but recently up and moved to Providence, RI with […]

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See You Later New York!

Why did we choose to move? The biggest reason was that we were so OVER being in a long distance relationship. We had gotten to the point of wanting to be with each other every day, so we started making plans to move. Why Providence? Honestly, for me, it was love at first sight. I […]