If you are from New York, I am sure you have heard of a bakery by the name of Baked Cravings. If you haven’t, you’re probably living under a rock.

Fill Me In

Baked Cravings is a bakery based out of Harlem, NY. It was founded in 2017 by a father, Craig Watson, who understood the severity of nut allergies. Baked Cravings is a bakery that is kosher and completely nut-free. That’s right, completely nut-free! This includes peanuts and tree-nuts.

It is so hard to find nut-free bakeries, especially in the city. This is why I make sure to visit whenever I go back home to New York. All of their cupcakes are delicious, but my two favorites are Carrot Cake and Red Velvet. I cannot explain to you how amazing these cupcakes are. They are always so moist and delicious. It’s almost impossible to only eat one.

Cravings Satisfied

That is why when I heard that they would start shipping cupcakes I got so excited! I was lucky enough to have some cupcakes sent to me & let me tell you I was NOT disappointed. There was not one cupcake out of place, and they still tasted fresh. Check out the video below of me unboxing the cupcakes as well as a taste test, by my lovely assistant!

Unbox Me

As you can see in the video, the cupcakes arrived in about two days, in an insulated cooling pouch with ice packs. Every single cupcake was still in tack.

My lovely assistant gave the cupcakes an easy 10 out of 10, and I would have to agree.
If you are a sweets person like myself, you have to check them out. Even if you aren’t a huge sweets person still check them out and I promise you will not be disappointed.
As they say at Baked Cravings “We Bake’em, you Crave’em.”

Contacting Baked Cravings

Make sure to tell them Sincerely Chanel sent you!