First I want to say, I know it’s been 4 months since I last posted but LIFE! The last four months have been interesting. As you can tell by the title of this post, we moved, again! If you are new to my blog let me catch you up. My fiancé and I moved to Providence last summer and it was a roller-coaster ride from the beginning. We had some really good times as well as some really trying times. Keep reading to find out how this whole journey has helped me grow!

Where did we move to?

We decided that it was best to move closer to our family because family support is huge! We did not have any immediate friends or family in Providence. Our closest friends lived in Massachusetts, which was still kind of away from us. This got to be very hard whenever we had last-minute emergencies or puppy issues.

There were countless times I would have to call my mom, in New York, to come to stay with us for a couple of weeks to help out. Thank god my mom is retired and able to help so often but it just became such a hassle. So with all that being said, we decided to move to Maryland!

Why Maryland?

Honestly, because it was the best decision for us and our family. My fiancé has close family and most of his best friends out here. I have my best friend and her family out here and it was just the right move for us.

standing on stairs next to george peabody library-grow
Visiting the George Peabody Museum


This process has been incredibly difficult but rewarding. We actually started the whole moving process a month ago. We didn’t have jobs set up so my fiancé decided to go back to New York to help his dad, his parents are building a new house 🤗. I decided it was best for me to come straight to Maryland to start looking for a job. Let me tell you how hard it was to be away from my boo for that amount of time! I thought I would be absolutely fine but I was wrong.

Being far from one another at such a difficult time took lots of communication and understanding on both parts. Through all of this, we had to rely heavily on our amazing support system as well as each other. I believe this move tested us, made us change some unhealthy habits but in the end brought us so much closer.

What now?

I know this update was quick and short but before I could share the other updates I need to explain our move first.

Although I have been pretty low-key for the four months I have been working on a few projects. So stay tuned for more posts from me, as well as updates on our transition to Maryland!

Sincerely Chanel