Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Lovin’ Life podcast, with two amazing ladies, Keish & Jazz! Before I give you the deets on what we spoke about, I want to let you know all about how dope their podcast is.

What Is Lovin’ Life Podcast About?

“Lovin’ Life podcast dives heart first into the dynamics of Love & Relationships. Each episode focuses on sensitive, uber significant topics that are revelation-packed. Every other episode they feature guests that are well versed in the topic of the week. The audience can expect unfiltered humor, humbling experiences and overall, a new perspective on Love & Relationships.” Lovin’ Life podcast is fresh and entertaining. Keish & Jazz are two of the most genuine and down to earth women I have had the chance to speak with.

I was so ecstatic when we first spoke about me being a guest for two reasons. The first reason is that, just like me, Keish & Jazz allow themselves to be super vulnerable by sharing their personal experiences on their podcast with hopes to help others. To be able to talk to women who are so comfortable with opening up and sharing their personal experiences is amazing. The second reason I was excited is that we were talking about one of my favorite posts, Abandoning Our Father. If you have not already checked that out, you should! It’s a project I am really proud of because my sisters’ and I were able to share how our experiences with our Father has impacted our lives’.

Different Perspectives!

The title of the episode that I was a guest on is “Distant Parents”. Keish, Jazz & I dived into what our experiences were like growing up and how they have helped shape the Queens we are today. We all have had different upbringings so being able to come together and share our journeys was very interesting. I don’t want to give away too much because you can listen here!

As a guest on Lovin’ Life podcast, I felt like I was catching with old friends. There are episodes like “Ego vs Love” and “Mistakes”, that are bound to resonate with you somehow. There are plenty more episodes that I am sure you can relate to. Keish & Jazz talk about topics that are relatable, real and helpful. So, do yourself a favor and go listen to their podcast, you can even tell them I sent you!

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