If you read my post about how I met my fiancé then you know that I spoke very briefly about how our first date was horrible! It’s true, our first date went all the way wrong!

Here’s How It Went Down

In the beginning, Rob was pretty smooth about it. He mentioned he would be in town, we lived in diferent states, and that we should maybe grab lunch. We went back and forth about where to eat because Rob is a picky eater, but eventually, we settled on P.F Chang’s. Keep reading because later I will explain how, even though we love P.F. Chang’s, we vowed that we can never drive there again, only order delivery (sounds weird but trust me it will make sense later!).

The Date

It was finally the day of our date. I got up early to start getting ready. Full disclosure, I might have dressed up like I was going to dinner. It was the first time we would be seeing each other, face to face in 6 years, I needed to look amazing. After picking my outfit, it was time for make-up.

Usually, it takes me a couple of hours to get ready but this day I was ready early. I had time to lounge around and take pictures. This made me even more excited for our date because I didn’t feel rushed, everything was moving along smoothly. I was ready with about 30 minutes to spare and decided it was time for a mini photoshoot. I mean what else is a girl supposed to do when she’s ready early?

First Strike

After I finished snapping a few photos I realized that I had a text from Rob. He was letting me know that he was going to be late, strike 1! On one hand, I wasn’t too upset because this meant I had more time for my photoshoot. On the other hand, I was thinking he was late on our first date! When I got the text I said “okay” and to let me know when he was close.

*Please note that I am constantly waiting on Rob until this very day.*

Finally, he arrived! I lived in an apartment building so I went downstairs to meet him. When I got outside I didn’t see Rob but I heard a car honk their horn. Now, I’m thinking this is not how I was expecting this day to go. First, he was late and now he couldn’t even get out of his car to greet me? Could this be strike 2? I start walking towards the car and before I could open the passenger door I realized it wasn’t Rob. Yes, I almost got into a strange man’s car. Then, who do I see walking towards me? Rob! At this point, I’m ready to yell at him because I was almost taken away by a stranger and he saw the whole thing!

Off To A Great Start

Rob explained to me that there wasn’t any place for him to park in front of my building which is why he ended up parking down the street. If you are from the city, you can relate to there never being parking in front of your building. So, I decided to let him off the hook. Even though I was almost kidnapped by a strange man, it wasn’t really his fault. We got into his car and made our way to the restaurant. The ride to the restaurant was nice, we talked, I made fun of him for almost having me abducted and before we knew it we had arrived.

Rob parked the car and we made our way to the mall, the restaurant was inside. Once we were inside we were on another adventure, finding the restaurant. We must have walked in circles three times until I decided to take over and figure out where to go. After all, I was walking around this mall in heels! We finally found the restaurant and put our names on the list. We were told the wait would be about 30-45 minutes, which Rob was pretty bummed out about. I guess he was starting to feel like nothing was going right during this date, which was true but oddly enough I was not turned off by it. I figured the wait just gave us more time to spend together and talk. We found a quiet place to sit and wait.

Things Started To Look Up

After talking for about 15 minutes we decided to grab seats at the bar and get drinks. Before we knew it, our table was ready. We sat down at our table and took a look at the menu. We ordered our food and the conversation was flowing. I was honestly having a great time and forgetting about the beginning of the date. Lunch ended up being amazing and I was already thinking about what our next date was going to be.

After lunch, we headed towards the elevator and once we were inside we both kind of just stared at each other. Next thing I knew Rob was leaning his cheek towards me, something he does to this day when he wants a kiss. I was laughing on the inside because he gave me his cheek and not his lips but also glad he didn’t assume I wanted a kiss on the lips.

On to our next adventure, finding his car. Rob had no idea where he had parked his car, also something he can never remember! I can not tell you how many times we have had to play where’s waldo with his car. We eventually found the car and headed back to my place.

We Got Pulled Over

I’m going to be completely honest and say that once we made it to the car, I decided I wanted a real kiss and not his cheek. So we made out, sorry family! We kissed at every red light before we reached the highway. Once we got on the highway, we were holding hands and blushing like fools. That was until we were pulled over. I swear I cannot make any of this up, we really got pulled over. When the cop walked up to us he said he was pulling us over because Rob didn’t have on his seatbelt, which he absolutely did. The cop accused him of putting it on after being pulled over but that was completely untrue. We were both pretty annoyed but all we could do was sit and wait for the cop to come back with his ticket.

While we were waiting, Rob asked for another kiss. Once again, sorry family, we made out while waiting for the cop to return with his ticket! I laugh every time I think about this because it was definitely not the time or the place. The cop came back to the car and said “Okay lovebirds, I’m letting you go with a warning…” and he let us go without a ticket.

At this point, I’m thinking what else is going to go wrong. Thankfully nothing else went wrong. Rob dropped me off at home and I went right upstairs to my mom and gushed about how he might be the one. I have no idea why I was so into him and believed he would be the one but I just had a good feeling. Everything that went wrong was pretty funny when I think about it and basically prepared me for what I would be dealing with for life.

The One

Obviously, I was right. Rob was the one. We have been together for two years now and are planning our wedding.

In his defense, he redeemed himself by taking me on the best date ever. I can’t wait to share that story with you all. It’s something you only see in movies but I got to live it in real life.

So that’s the story of our horrible/not so horrible first date. There were things that went absolutely wrong but plenty of things went right. Throughout the date Rob treated me like a princess and I really enjoyed my time with him, clearly why I am still here til this day.


I stated earlier that Rob and I vowed to never physically go to P.F Chang’s anymore but that we would still order delivery. This is because the next time we went to P.F Chang’s with our family we ended up getting into a horrible accident on the drive home. I’m sure it is a coincidence but we don’t want to test it out. We could have lost each other that day. It was something that has changed us forever! Although it may sound silly to some, it’s pack we made to each other. *We still love P.F Chang’s though*

Sincerely Chanel💜