January 20th, 2019

Currently on the couch and I’ve been here since about 4:45 am. I hate sleeping on the couch, especially when my comfy bed is upstairs but I can’t sleep lying down thanks to vertigo.

I’ve inserted a link for those who may not know what vertigo is.

Oh, Vertigo!

This morning, like so many other mornings, it woke me up out of my sleep hitting me like a ton of bricks. Like I have in the past, I popped up and asked my fiancé to grab my medicine and a bottle of water. I should really start keeping some by my bed, now that I think about it. I always keep my medicine in my purse. What sucks is that usually when you are sick all you want to do is lay down and get rest but with vertigo laying down is torture. You have to sit up or else you’ll feel like the room is spinning.

As I type this my fiancé and dog are cuddled up under me passed out and all I really want is to cuddle them and go back to sleep. It’s actually cute but I can’t help but be jealous of them because of how peaceful they look. If the room wasn’t dark I’d take a picture (I snuck a picture anyway).


I want to try to get sleep but I’m battling dizziness, nausea and I took migraine medicine with lots of caffeine so there’s that. If you’re wondering why I took migraine medicine it’s because my doctors seem to think my vertigo is brought on by migraines.

This post was random and choppy, maybe I won’t post it, or maybe I’ll start a vertigo diary…I don’t know(I clearly decided to start a diary 🙂 ). I just figured I’d write since I’m sitting here unable to do anything else.

If you know of any natural remedies for vertigo, please feel free to share below!

Sincerely Sleepy Chanel 💜