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I left off with how I met Lisa and finding out that she was Carlos’ mistress. Things at work continued to get worse and even more complicated. I felt like I was in the middle, being a woman who has been cheated on, I felt guilty helping a man lie to his wife. There were so many times I wanted to just blurt out the truth, but I knew that it absolutely wasn’t my place. It made it even more difficult when I would see his wife at school functions or during school dismissal. She looked like she was going through it and I knew exactly why. There was a time when his wife was sick in the hospital, but that didn’t stop Carlos from his cheating ways. He had actually told me that he thought he was going to lose her and become a single dad, but he still kept Lisa around.


Carlos’ Birthday

Carlos’ birthday came around and I was preparing myself for the drama. At this point I knew who Lisa was, what I didn’t know was that his wife also knew who Lisa was as well. Carlos’ wife, we’ll name her Tammy, called the office looking for him. When I told Tammy that he wasn’t in the office she then asked to speak to Lisa. Let me remind you Lisa did not work there, she used to be an intern way before I started working there. So when Tammy asked to speak to her I was really shocked. I remember telling my co-worker that I wasn’t sure how to answer Tammy. When Carlos got into work that day I told him that his wife had called looking for him and that she was also looking for Lisa. He immediately looked annoyed and eventually his wife called again and I gave him the phone. I was starting to become annoyed for multiple reasons. For one, I found it very disgusting that he would flaunt his affair the way he did, but it was his life and none of my concern and two, I felt guilty for having to lie. Knowing that I was helping Carlos cover up his lies really ate at me.



On that same day, I happened to run into Carlos after work. Carlos’ favorite restaurant to go to was Don Coqui, he would take me and my co-worker there for business lunches/dinners. He would often come into work telling us about his previous night and how he had gone to Don Coqui. After work, my friend & I decided to go there for dinner. I remember telling her how much Carlos loved that place and how funny it would be if we ran into him there. We pulled up to the restaurant, parked and went inside. As soon as we walked in I saw them, I felt like I had just caught my husband cheating. I instantly started to feel uncomfortable and tried hard to stay out of their eyesight. Our waiter sat us off to the side, where I had a clear view of Carlos and Lisa. I took a picture to show to my co-worker because I couldn’t believe I had actually caught them at the restaurant, on his birthday!



At this point, I was over this job and always dealing with cleaning up his mess, I decided that I wanted them to feel as uncomfortable as I felt. Carlos and Lisa were sitting towards the back where the restroom was so I made my way back there. I planned to stop by their table on the way back from the restroom, I wanted to watch him squirm. I walked out the restroom and right over to their table, Carlos looked like he saw a ghost. He began to stumble over his words and the way he was talking to me was strange. He was talking to me as if he hadn’t seen me earlier at work that day. Lisa gave me a little smile and I did the same back. After I made my presence known I went back to my table. I was hoping that he felt embarrassed, although everyone knew they were having an affair, this was the first time one of us had actually seen it with our own eyes. Carlos obviously never came out and said Lisa was his girlfriend, he always made it seem like she was just a friend who was helping out with the company.

Tammy was fed up.

This was not the last time I would catch Carlos and his mistress, there was another incident (stay tuned for part three). Following his birthday Tammy started sending Carlos these long e-mails about how disgusting of a person he was. As I said in my last post, I had Carlos’ passwords to everything, access to his email/calendar, all of his personal information, etc. My boyfriend at the time used to joke that I was his work wife because frankly, I knew more than the wife knew. I would log in to his e-mail to get something for work and see e-mails from his wife. (screenshot below).

I would see e-mails like this on a daily and I began to get really curious. I wanted to know more about Lisa because I couldn’t understand why she would put herself in a position to be messing with a married man. That’s when I started doing some of my own digging and I came across Lisa’s facebook page, and my mouth dropped. Lisa’s main picture was of her and Carlos. Her relationship status on Facebook said in a relationship for SEVEN YEARS! Carlos’ youngest son wasn’t even seven yet. That’s when I realized this was way deeper than I thought. Lisa wasn’t just some fling, they had been in a full relationship for seven years. I couldn’t believe it. I started to wonder if Tammy had seen Lisa’s facebook. Eventually, Tammy started contacting Lisa, and Lisa would forward these messages to Carlos. You would think this would’ve made Lisa finally leave Carlos alone, but no.

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