I get asked all the time what I use in my hair, can I give hair tips, etc. I always try to limit my advice for many reasons. One of those reasons being the fact that I am not a professional. Another reason is that I don’t think my hair is where it should be, health-wise. With that being said I am finally going to share some of the tips and tricks I have learned along the way but I want to highly stress the fact that I am not a professional. These tips and tricks are what work for me, I hope they work for you as well. I will try to link everything as well 😊


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okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too!


Shampoo & Conditioner

I try to wash my hair, at least once, every two weeks. Keep in mind I am not an overly active person, I don’t work out which means I hardly sweat. If you are a person who is really active, especially if you work out, you may need to wash your hair more often. I have extremely thick hair so washing it any more frequently than that is like a part-time job. I tend to only use Shea Moisture shampoos & conditioners, I’ve tried other brands but I always come back to Shea Moisture. They have so many collections to choose from so I alternate through them all. My current favorites are the Jamaican Black Castor Oil & the Manuka Honey with  Mafura Oil


Deep Conditioner/ Hair Mask

I give my hair a good 2-3 washes & then I use either a hair mask or deep conditioner. My two current faves are Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask and the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist. Like I said earlier, I have really thick curly hair so I have to section my hair into fours before putting the conditioner in. I take way more than a dime-sized amount, rub the conditioner into my hair and finger detangle. I like to finger detangle before I use my detangling brush or comb because I found that I usually lose less hair.

Once I finish detangling each section with my fingers, I put a shower cap on. I tend to keep the cap on for 10-15 minutes. Now its time to detangle with my wide-tooth comb or my detangle brush. Finally, it is time to RINSE.

Drying (Don’t forget your heat protectant!)

I don’t like to blow dry my hair right after I finish washing it, I like to let it air dry a little first. So I’ll put my hair into loose Bantu knots for about 30-60 minutes. For this step, I section my hair again (now into 6-8 sections), I put my Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream in, put my hair in Bantu knots and let it dry. This is the perfect time to do some house work, y’all know I love to clean. During this time I usually clean up the mess I made in the bathroom while washing my hair.

Once my hair is no longer soaking wet & more like damp I use my blow dryer to completely dry it. Before I dry my hair, I spray each section with Cantu Thermal Shield Heat Protectant, this is one of my favorite products because not only does it protect your hair but it smells pretty amazing! Heat protectant is major for a girl like me because I love to flat-iron my hair. Another big tip is having a comb attachment, If you don’t have a comb attachment for your blow dryer, stop what you are doing right now & buy one! My comb attachment has literally saved my life & taken, at least, an hour off of this long process.

These are my current favorites & the tips I have thus far. If I find any other products that I like I will update you guys. I am always willing to try new products but these are my holy grail!

If you guys have any products you’d like to recommend, tips you want to share or questions you’d like to ask you can leave a comment or reach out to me on instagram.

Sincerely, Chanel 💜